Vector Machines

Vector Machines is the distributor of 3 brands radio controlled mowers and 2 autonomous mowers within a total of 12 different machine types.

With more than 10 years of experience, we are a specialist in remote-controlled and autonomous mowers for large and special terrains. We deliver high-quality, very efficient, and high safety-standard mowing robots.

All our machines have powerful, clean, petrol or completely electric driven engines. Please call us for more information or a demonstration at your location.

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Vector Machines makes it easy to mow in all places. This saves time, hassle and ensures safety!

Vector mowers

Our Vector WD2.0 is unique because it’s the first completely autonomous tool carrier for large terrains. Because it’s battery powered it’s also carbon neutral so it’s very environmentally friendly. The lidar function makes this mower unique because that’s the reason why it’s able to mow under solar panels or between large trees when there is no GPS fix available. The A.I.-powered software can be programmed by a tablet and monitored online.

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