The Vector WD2.0 is unique because it’s completely autonomous. The lithium iron phosphate battery of 280ah at 48 volts guarantees 6 hour’s drive. We use the lidar function for navigation when there is no GPS coverage but also for obstacle detection and later on, we will also use the lidar to recognize smaller animals and avoid hitting them. Our user interface can be programmed and monitored online and by remote control directly on the machine.


Because the Vector has GPS and lidar for navigating it’s very productive in different circumstances. Because the tool carrier has a mowing deck with different options with standard mowing deck motors for short vegetation or strong motors for large vegetation if you mow only 2 or times a year. Because of the 280ah battery pack you can drive for 6 hours and have to charge also for 6 hours. The maximum mowing speed is 4km/h so it Can mow 45.000m2 per day.

Mowing pattern

With the GPS RTK and lidar, it’s possible to mow straight lines. That’s the reason why it’s 300% more efficient than traditional mowing robots which have a random mowing pattern. With GPS RTK we can mow with a maximum deviation of 5cm, so adding the mulching rings becomes a very secure mowed pattern for golf courses or sports fields.


Because the Vector WD2.0 is a tool carrier you can use them on different fields. With the circle mowing deck and strong motors, it’s very suitable for solar farms. But adding a cylinder mower is also very suitable for golf courses. We are also developing a hoeing tool for tree nurseries so if you switch the tools you can use the Vector for very different purposes.

Safety first

With a combination of hardware security tools like double-wired bumpers with switches and an additional lidar scanner for obstacle detection with the software, we can deliver high safety standards which are also needed for CE regulations. If the lidar detects people or animals within 1.5 meters of the machine it will stop and move on if they leave the range of 2 meters.

Remote control

All our Vector mowers will come with an industrial remote control so if there are areas where autonomous mowing is not possible, like steep areas. You can always mow that area remotely controlled.


The Vector WD2.0 is a 2-wheel-driven mowing robot working like the zero-turn principle. Because of this principle, it can reach areas where other mowers stop. The tractor profile tires also have traction on surfaces that or not always smooth.

Docking station

The robot can be charged with a wire if you move it every day but it’s also possible to use a docking station. It can mow 6 hours on 1 charge and will go to the charging station for another 6 hours before it will move on where it stopped before. In general, if you have areas bigger than 15ha the mower normally will be delivered with a docking station.


Our software combined with GPS RK and lidar makes it possible to mow large areas completely autonomously. In general, you can save between 25% and 75% on mowing costs. At least you always save EUR 50.000 per year on labor costs. But the biggest problem is that it’s very hard to find people who want to mow big areas.


The price of the Vector starts at EUR 80.000,- ex. VAT. It’s also possible to get it with a full operational lease. In short: we sell short grass.


The machine is electric driven with lifepo4 batteries so it doesn’t produce carbon dioxide and because of that, it’s also very quiet.


The Vector robot is always connected with a 4g sim card and because of that, it will always have the newest software version. If there is a problem you will always be notified immediately and if it’s a hardware issue the error code will give you all the necessary information.